About Us

Marian’s Mexican restaurant has enjoyed serving fresh authentic Mexican dishes to central valley residents for nearly three decades. Originating as Adrian’s, the restaurant opened the dine-in establishment at the corner of Shaw and Marks in 1983. Since that time, the restaurant has remained family owned and operated and boasts the same traditional recipes that attracted families, friends, colleagues and visitors from the outset.

While we hope that all of our customers enjoy the traditional recipes and the casual atmosphere, the one constant which we are most proud of is the freshness. The ownership has always maintained a commitment to using the freshest vegetables, healthiest meats and all-natural recipes. We believe that commitment to freshness and quality, above all else, has helped keep us in business for nearly 30 years.

Upholding this standard does not come without sacrifices; our committed cooks arrive each morning around 6am to begin chopping vegetables, dicing meats, shredding cheese, and grinding spices. This process continues throughout the day to ensure that all our entrees are being served fresh to our customers daily.

By mid-morning the scent of fresh diced cilantro spills out of our kitchen as the days batch of fresh salsas are made. While the recipe – our proudest – is safeguarded by our kitchen staff, we can share that we only use the freshest jalapenos and onions, the ripest tomatoes and fine ground spices.

We understand the value of health to our customers and our environment. With that in mind, we chose not to settle for the saturated unnatural fats in which most of our competitors fry their tortilla chips. After two years of research and testing, we have perfected a tortilla chip recipe, using super thin white corn tortillas and crisping them golden in a 100% pure vegetable oil.

We’ve also taken a serious approach to developing a more sustainable operation. Our print media uses 100% recycled leaf – paper, soy – based inks. We are developing a program which will lead to a ‘greener’ operation – from increasing the efficiency of our water usage through to the implementation of recycling program that diverts 75% of our recyclable waste content from landfills.

In summary we feel that our commitment to freshness and maintaining a family operation are the values which will ensure that we serve quality and authentic dishes for another 25 years.